Beware the Sorceress of the Soviet! (Act I) is the third mission of the game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Story Edit

While the team think that Mentor is dead, Tombstone arise and announce that his spirit was just remove by the sorceress. Then, Tombstone help the Mentor's spirit to come back in his body. After that, Mentor send a group to infiltrate the "Red" secret base. In a village, the group question a new villager. He reveal that every villagers fall victims of a spell and they talk about the "Red" as a queen. Moreover, the "Red" have a spy in the village, wich could talk if the group give jolt him. Fighting against the Ice Troopers in the village, the group find the spy. He confess the place where the Red's secret base is : a mystical tree, visible only by people who know it, at the north of the village. The group go to the tree, located in a snow field, after they defeat a strange creature : a Shurale. They fight against Snow Men, but with the snow, that creatures can regenerate them. After, the group try to come in the base, but the portal is protected by 4 mysticals hands. A little group of Ice Troopers impede them and, at the same time, discolse the name of their chief : Red Oktober. The grop discover that hands are protected by a "temporal link", meaning that 4 hands must be destroyed at the same time. After the group destroyed the hands, Red Oktober come out and fight the heroes. The group defeat her and interrogate she. But she teleported herself into her base. The Freedom Force is going to come in her base.

Objectives Edit

Primary objectives Edit

Discover the Red Oktober's secret base location

Uncloack the Red Oktober spy and attack him to make he speak

Enter in the Red Oktober bas

Destroy the 4 mysticals hands

Interrogate Red Oktober

Secondary objectives Edit

Don't knock any civilians to discover the spy

Ennemies Edit

Ennemy / Number

Cuban x5

Frost Warrior x4

Ice Trooper x10

Shurale x2

Snow Man x6

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