Chaos in Cuba ! is the second mission of the game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Story Edit

Alchemiss is still distrubed by her vision. The Forteress Freedom is almost emptied. Only Alchemiss, Mentor, Minuteman and El Diablo remained at the Forteress Freedom. Suddenly, the alarm ring. Charles Wilson, the CIA assistant director, is came to announce that Nuclear Winter was escaped thanks to an "unkown accomplice", and that he stole the Time Master. Nuclear Winter was gone to Cuba and he ally with Fidel Castro. The group go to Cuba. Arrived at the aerodrome, a great freeze gun froze the Freedom Flyer, what lock Minuteman inside. Moreover, russian fighter bomber come and begin to bombard the base. In first, the group begin to expel all Ice Troopers in the base. In going out of the base, the group see the new Nulear Winter's creation : the Snow Men, made with snow. American fighter bomber come to eliminate the ruissians one. However, the freeze gun bein to freeze them and they crash. The 3 heroes and a group of soldier get rid of the village the rest of the Ice Troopers and the Snow Men. At the freeze gun, the group destroy it and defeat the Frost Warrior. Mentor, reading in his mind, get wind of the name of their chief, called "La Roja". And all at once, the sorceress do something to Mentor, which pass out.

Objectives Edit

Primary objectives Edit

Destroy the Nuclear Winter's freeze gun.

Interrogate the Frost Warrior

Secondary objectives Edit

Get rid of the aerodrome all the Ice Troopers inside.

Remove the Snow Men

The 6 americans fighter bomber must not crash all of them.

Ennemies Edit

Ennemy / Number

Frost Warrior x1

Ice Trooper x18

Snow Man x8

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