Energy X is a mysterious form of energy the Domain released upon Patriot City during the events of Freedom Force. Its effects upon matter are wildly unpredictable, but in most instances of contact with humans, it mutates them into super-powered heroes and villains of all varieties.


Canisters of Energy X leftover from the Domain's invasion appear hidden throughout the city in both Freedom Force games. They are color-coded according to their individual affects upon the hero (or player) who picks them up.

  • Purple Canisters: These will completely restore a hero's internal reserves of Energy X, which are used to power their super-abilities.
  • Red Canisters: These will completely restore a character's health.
  • Green Canisters: These provide a hero with a boost of experience points, which are used learn new powers and attributes.
  • Gold Canisters: The rarest kind, gold canisters give the player bonus prestige points for recruiting more heroes to the team.


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