Kill-A-Rilla Whip
Material Type Flesh
Weight 140 lbs
Strength Incredibly Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Extremely Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Powerful

The Kill-A-Rilla Gun is an enemy from the video game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official DescriptionEdit

The Kill-A-Rilla is a hideous Nazi experiment fusing man and gorilla. Many were trained in the use of a whip, and these simian brutes proved adept at delivering stinging blows. Closing with them is ill-advised, given the damage they can dish out with their powerful fists.


  • Heavy Hitter: All damage from their wielded attack is doubled.
  • Solid Skeleton: They are resistant to crushing damage.
  • Weak Minded: Their resistance to mental damage is halved.
  • Jumper: Allows them to leap to tremendous heights.


  • Whip Snap: A melee attack with impressive range.
  • Monkey Punch: A mighty blow from a simian fist.

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