Material Type Flesh
Weight 260 lbs
Strength Extraordinarily Strong
Speed Incredibly Fast
Agility Nimble
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Powerful

The Man-O-Taur is an enemy from the video game, Freedom Force.

Official Descriptio Once a innocent male civilan that fell before the power of Pan, who brought the Man-O-Taur to our world as a sort of all-round bodyguard. Devastating in melee combat, the Man-O-Taur charges anyone who dares attack it, and will not stop until all of its targets have been trampled or gored. It can emit a bellow that induces panic in even the most stalwart of combatants.


  • Berserker: They have a 10% chance of becoming enraged after taking damage.
  • Disciplined: They are resistant to all mental attacks.


  • Gore: A melee attack using jagged horns.
  • Bellow: A primordial bellow with a ranged effect that causes panic.

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