Mr. Mechanical
Real Name Clyde Dewitt
Material Type Metal
Weight 66140 lbs
Strength Mighty
Speed Fast
Agility Klutz
Endurance Unstoppable
Energy Extraordinarily Powerful
Voice Actor Alexx Kay

Mr. Mechanical is a character from the video game, Freedom Force.

Official BioEdit

A genius-level engineer, Clyde Dewitt's desire for recognition moved him to rush construction of a public building, only to have it collapse barely a week after its opening. Claiming sabotage had ruined his works, he planned to have his revenge on the critics, and an opportunity to do so was provided by the Timemaster.


  • Grim Resolve: Mr. Mechanical is resistant to stun damage.
  • Ponderous: Mr. Mechanical has no dodge, as well as -2 to the swiftness of his melee attacks.
  • Grounded: Mr. Mechanical is vulnerable to electrical damage.
  • Bedeviled: Mr. Mechanical is vulnerable to mystical damage.


  • Mecha Smash: A powerful melee attack with high knock back.
  • Mecha Stomp: Heavy damage and heavy stun.
  • Flame Cannon: A fiery ranged attack
  • Mr. Mech Stomp: Causes area damage just by walking.


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