Red Sun Rising is the eighth mission in Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.


At the Freedom Force base, Mentor briefs the team about heroes during the second world war, and forms a plan to contact these heroes. After Bullet asks to be sent back, he

He makes contact with Black Jack once again, but cannot send someone back because of the Time-Blocking devices.


Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Defeat and interrogate the Red Sun
  • Destroy the two Time-Blocking devices

=Secondary ObjecitvesEdit

  • Destroy the three ammo trucks


Note: Only one hero can be selected for this mission. The other heroes will be Black Jack, and Tricolour. Bullet will arrive at the end of the mission, and will accompany your other hero for the next mission.
  • Choices for an alternate hero can involve those suitable for destroying a tank.

When first attacked by the Red sun, have Black Jack use the acid attack against him. After a short battle, you should defeat the opponent.

Black Jack is best used for ranged attacks, while Tricolour can quickly kill any low-strength enemy with a single stab.

The three ammo trucks are found in the city-half of the map. They are guarded by a few Nazi soldiers, which are easily defeated. The trucks themselves are a bit more durable, and also explode when destroyed.

There are two time-blockers:

  • The one on the left is guarded by two Red Suns, and their Fire Elementals. In addition to their normal behavior, defeating one Red Sun will heal the injuries of the other. Therefore, you should attempt to focus your attacks on defeating one.
  • The one on the right is guarded by a tank. If you don't have a hero capable of easily defeating a tank, you can try to ignore it, and simply attack the tower.

When both towers are destroyed, Bullet will arrive.



  • The comic book cover for the start of the mission has the title "Red Suns Rising"

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