Sky King
Real Name Ace Gunner
Material Type Metal
Weight 420 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Normal
Agility Normal
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Powerful
Voice Actor Brad Shepard

Sky King is a playable character from the video game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official BioEdit

Ace Gunner gave up the easy life of a movie-star hero in order to become a hero in reality. Now Sky King flies for the Allies!

  • Cost: Free


  • Flier: Sky King can fly.
  • Heroic: Gives one more hero point.
  • Unbeliever: Sky King is resistant to all forms of mystical attack.


Forged FistEdit

  • Steel Fists: A double punch with armored fists.
  • Chain Gun: A burst of bullets from Sky King's chain gun - long-range, but low accuracy.
  • Fueled Punch: This highly damaging powered punch may be a bit too potent - it knocks him over!
  • Grenade Launcher: Launches an exploding grenade.

Forged FlightEdit

  • Bulletproof Armor: Passive defense that deflects bullets.
  • Afterburner: A quick burst of speed while in flight.
  • Blast Off: A powerful area-blast of jetwash from Sky King's jetpack.
  • Sonic Boom: A burst of quick flight leaving devastation in its wake.


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