Real Name Unknown
Material Type Energy
Weight 11020 lbs
Strength Incredibly Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Normal
Endurance Fantastically Hardy
Energy Energized
Voice Actor Stephen Russell

Timemaster is a character from the Freedom Force series of video games. Along with Nuclear Winter he is considered the Archenemy of Freedom Force

Official BioEdit

A powerful scientist from another time, the Timemaster still lives in fear of his own mortality. But having discovered the key to his eternal life, he has embarked upon a quest to find a power-source mighty enough to enact his plans. To that end, he has observed the movements of Earth's super-powered beings with great interest.


  • Ponderous: Timemaster has no dodge, as well as -2 to the swiftness of his melee attacks.
  • Grim Resolve: Timemaster is resistant to stun damage.
  • Density Control: Timemaster is immune to knock back. His jumping abilities are similar to Jumper attribute.
  • Fast Healing: Timemaster will continuously recover HP whenever he is damaged, up to a max of 100 HP.
  • Shake it Off: The duration of all of Timemaster's prolonged damage states is halved.


  • Space-Time Rift: A very powerful ranged attack, but has a long foreshadowing time.
  • Chrono Crush: A ranged attack that causes its target to become stuck in time.
  • Energy X Ray: A powerful, medium-range energy beam.
  • Timemaster Stomp: Causes area damage just by walking.