Worker Ant
Material Type Flesh
Weight 260 lbs
Strength Extremely Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Clumsy
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Minor Energy

The Worker Ant is an enemy from the video game, Freedom Force.

Official DescriptionEdit

As part of the hive mind, these ants leave most of the heavy combat to their soldier brothers. Instead they prefer the act of foraging as they gather materials for their underground lair. If threatened, however, they will respond.


  • Heavy Lifter: Adds strength value for lifting and throwing.
  • Invertebrate: They are resistant to radiation.
  • Wall Climbing: They can climb walls.
  • Armored: They are resistant to piercing. Their speed is reduced by 1 level.
  • Jumper: Allows them to leap to tremendous heights.


  • Dig: Burrow into the earth, avoiding any attacks.
  • Mandible Bite: A powerful melee attack.

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